Mooney, Vincent

Graduate Students

Wehbe, Taimour

Ph.D. Alumni

Name Thesis Title

Contact Information

Assembly Instruction Level Reverse Execution for Debugging  
Akgul, Tankut    
The System-on-a-Chip Lock Cache
Akgul, Bilge Ebru Saglam

Embedded Software Streaming via Block Streaming
Kuacharoen, Pramote    
Hardware/Software Deadlock Avoidance for Multiprocessor Multiresource System-on-a-Chip johnlee at
Lee, Jaehwan (John)    
Sleepy Stack: a New Approach to Low Power VLSI and Memory
Park, Jun Cheol    
Automated Bus Generation for Multiprocessor SoC Design
Ryu, Kyeong-Keol    
Dynamic Memory Management for Embedded Real-Time Multiprocessor System-on-a-Chip
Shalan, Mohamed    
Automated Generation of Round-robin Arbitration and Crossbar Switch Logic
Shin, Eung    
Cache Design and Timing Analysis for Preemptive Multi-tasking Real-Time Uniprocessor Systems
Tan, Yudong    

M.S. Alumni

Name Year Graduated
Parham, Nicholas B. 2015
Divekar, Kshitij 2014
Gbade-Alabi, Aderinola 2014
Dhoot, Charvi 2012, IIIT-Hyderabad
Singh, Anshul 2011, IIIT-Hyderabad
Gupta, Aman 2011, IIIT-Hyderabad
Zhao, Lei 2008
Heard, Michael 2006
Balasundaram, Arunkumar 2003
Jordan, Jeremiah 2002